always wth love

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2016-05-17 08:52:52 (UTC)


does it really matter if i work so hard nothing comes close enough of good enough. i hate that feeling, i surely dont feel confident how my english professor she doesnt see how much effort i put in. My mom would kill me so much if i flunk another class what i mean an shitty D :(

last night id texted him once again around 7ish he the best for me, he doesnt know how much he truly means to me. i wish i can say those three words to him, but am trying wait longer until its official, among us both. he makes me brave wthout knowing he really does. i see now that i might be his soon....

my girl M, she told me what happened at youth group but didnt matter cause i had my own fun wthout them wth James, he speaks its utterly calm amazing to have him as my neighbor.

last night chaos and karma shattered over dumb shit by my lil sister lost her cell phone, i wasnt happy bout it cause screaming and yelling its so annoying for so many years.