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me and my life
2016-05-14 03:35:57 (UTC)

Goals n issues

It's Saturday n m working. Damn!! Anyways. My problem is that I don't accept the fact I just keep on cribbing and nagging. For example working on Saturday.
Now my goal is to get good salaries job with Saturday n Sunday off, good working profile,all public Holidays and feasible travelling. These all aspects are so imp. Then I can move out to rent house. In it also has many ifs and buts.
Had started going to new homeopathy doc for pcod he is damn expenses. Like 800 per sitting I hope i ll get periods by his tablets. I can spend this much on me. He assures me that i ll get cured and other problems related Like hair n bloating will also b fine.
Yest Shambhu n popat gave me pumpkin pillo for blush. This Sunday I'll be at home relaxing as Monku is not der. I so wanted to spend time with him anyways.
Tom I'll go to Shambhu to teach her excel.and b at home and will turn on WiFi actually it's of no use to me still. I have made so big lost for shopping g mostly of footwear hehe. Managing money is so difficult have done no saving from past 2 months.
Anyways.. I have notice o say anyways alot. Anyways heheheh cyàaaa have a good saturday