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2016-05-13 11:34:50 (UTC)

Kiddo has a phone

Well, after 13 months of zero communication with the kiddos, I get a text from my kiddo. She's 13 and she just got a phone. She sent me a nice brief message. She's doing fine. Her grades are great. She like to play softball now and she misses and loves me too.

Very happy to hear but sad that this is the life we adults have provided for her. I still recall the ex said that she doesn't let the kiddos communicate with me so that the kids don't hurt as much missing me. Whatever. I gave up on trying to figure our the ex years ago. Been there done that as they say.

I do pray once in awhile when my friends are in need of prayers. I do so now just praying that the kids grow up to be ok. I'm an expert in dealing with "crazy" situations but they aren't and I don't want them to grow up to become the weird kids. I don't want them to suffer so if it takes forgetting about me, then I'm ok with that. I just pray they grow up to be kind hearted, truthful, and grow up to be good people.

I'm not there to help them like I already indicated. They are in another State. I just hope that what little time I had with them sunk in and whatever good that I taught them will be kept in their hearts.

In the meantime, I have to just stay positive and make the most of the life I have by myself. If I can't feed my should with positive things, I'm as good as dead. Many times, I just go through the motion to make the day as positive as possible but I have to admit that I'm just going with the flow.

It's too bad I can't do more for society. Just another divorce statistic.

Thanks again diary for being somewhat of a release. I'm just glad I have a great job that can sustain my stupid hobbies. It helps to keep me sane.