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2016-05-12 08:55:54 (UTC)

Marine girl 2.1 and James part 11

Wednesday 1:01pm
When id left class, i felt so trudge i could barely make sense around my surrounding yesterday. i saw marine girl, i didn't recognize her at all she looked so sexier than i ever saw before... she wore a long sleeve white shirt itd shown some skin in the back along with washed out dark blue skinny jeans, and black vans. Her hair was in the highest bun she was so beautiful if had guts would pulled her so damn close and kiss her;)i felt like i could be her damn girl btich bea. By all means i didnt know i was gonna see her yesterday, but i did. im glad id saw her cause wth out i might have got worse again, she doesnt know bout my pasted i dont want her to know? even if i was drunk.

have go i need to see her and talk before ive to go class.

But before i go, ive talked to James over the phone around 3pm and later texted until 9pm. i dont know what to say cause im falling hard over him some how im very scared at the same time. i tell myself to breathe but its damn hard to be wth so much has fallen apart several times before?? i really want let myself go and kiss him i havent felt courage to go ahead and already to do so.

Well last night i was so high as fuck wth my feelings like on cloud and shit!, i thought of him more dirty than ever could be possible... i also thought heavily bout marine girl too so im crashing down of two people that i cant live wthout.
I also woke twice at different times this morning it was so damn stuffy in my room,id turn on my ceiling fan to cool off. id nightmare to, that somehow lead into a panic attack my heart is still racing :( i cant take that part of me i just hate it!