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2016-05-11 09:44:16 (UTC)

As i am almost Ex-posed! part 10

Oh yeah, i woke up at 3:12am im so exhausted :( than i was extremely waken at 5:17am to rush to get dressed and eat something so i wont feel so damn weak to walk.i barely got anything i wanted to accomplished this morning, i were extremely out of it on a Tuesday late evening.

i have been almost exposed this morning id just forgot cause im usually home alone for an hr or so then am on the bus. id was trying caught up on Faking it!, i wasnt able to finish it :( well my friend aunty is on a vac for three days and shouldve thought this through i kinda blanked!! i only had bout more minutes to see what was going happen in this episode until for next week on tuesday. i couldnt watch the rest, i might have too re-watch maybe tmw morning. *fingers crossed*

i thought bout james very dirty again i honestly couldnt stop it. i cant wait to see marine girl tmw its major important!!! now cause i have so much crap to cover and bring up my grade as well.

i will tell marine girl before we start on my crash 30 mins before ive to go class, then finish it up later wth the hr before ive to leave again for next class. wish me luck!

i thought bout kissing again im so damn thirsty who am into i hate hiding it but i dont want screw up this place am wth him. i have been extremely anxious, horny, and humble too.

i havent ate healthy in two weeks i need youre help, cause i dont want hurt any more animals. so pleaseeee help me!
oh yeah still looking for an iphone 6 its hard for me to damn wait for so long.