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2016-05-11 09:01:24 (UTC)

new addation, and cant wait for saturday! part 9

So much is happening in these close days of Finals, its so crazy to say. i cant believe ive made it here for a third time. OK i got an take home quiz for english open book and notes of course (yesterday). turnt in homework for two classes. presentation begin tmw at 9:30am into next week for science. also online exam 4 opens tmw evening its openbook too wth notes.

2-3pm (ish)was slow enough to breathe a bit,then id finish up a few things wth science. so yeah almost feel good at master my anxious thoughts. at 5-6 pm ish it was a turnt of surprises, there are to damn many of them! another addition to the family. No, no, no.... im not pregnant if that were thinking. Believe me wouldve told you by now!, in two weeks we will have another dog. Her name is princess, she is so adorable, i had saw several pictures of her. i love small dogs they are best pets ever!

i cant wait for saturday im so excited to be wth james. i might stop calling him by his nickname. i dnt know its because i say on here, makes sound so much sexier!:)

Got some good news from my math prof, an take home final it is 50% and other half is in class on Final. im very scared i really am. i hope i can do this within freakin out!

alright i need to go anyway lot more shit! i have get done. kisses.