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2016-05-11 14:19:13 (UTC)

Long time I was thinking to update the..

Long time I was thinking to update the journal but sometimes I was tired or bored or no time.
Now at TURBHE station waiting for train. Train travel makes me write about my struggle of train travel and how I feel like a sheep or goat who are made to walk and run in crowd like animal in short. Its really stupid to travel in crowded train. Its summer in struggle is double. Driving is in process Leta see how soon ill b able to drive. Yesterday I drove on highway for the firat time it was thrilling. I nees more practise and concentration. Now my goal is house. I know buying new is not easy n somthing next to impossible if I work like this in peanuts but everything has an alternate so can move in in rented home. And for which I have to search for a job which can give me 40k salary.
Mom health is going salt n sweet kinda.
Job is like OK but sometimea no qork at all makes me bore.try is going on but I think I shud try with more determination. Hmm
Lot thing has happened
Mother's day had gone n I tried to make most of it for mom with movie n pizza.
V is good n we fight n get together good friends.
M trying to balance money matters but falling short for it.
And way nothing else to mention as such