always wth love

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2016-05-09 10:36:59 (UTC)

reckless gurl over this weekend

over this weekend went slow and yet fasted also, so where does that mean? i didnt go wth him at all, it wasnt my damn fault itd poured all night. gosh i was so hurt. so she asked if i was alright? i wasnt at all, i got out of helping in garaged so it was bit easier to finish some homework on saturday.

id talked to him by call first then texted for a while over the weekend. ive texted my mom and grandma too, it was sweet to communicated on her mothers day. i miss her billion times more now that am older, its strange where i stand since just year ago wth us. when id turnt 21.

i couldnt sleep last night didnt go bed until nine thirty-four cause even thou id took a shower and i couldnt shut off my damn brain!!! id woke up early like 2am than woken up at 5:17 am i just dont know id done that again, i almost got caught but made it my a few minutes. id stopped praying again.

churchgurl texted me twice today at 10:06am, i havent reply back i wont do it cause shes avoided me several days and im suppose to take. No, no ,no! aint gonna be me this time im not pity friend any longer.

there's only me left to keep on fight, where do i hid this time???