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2016-05-05 18:39:47 (UTC)

From Thursday

"Something" by PigPen Theatre Co. [Cover of the Beatles]

May 5, 2016 Thursday 6:41 PM

So I just watched these two videos. On the philosophies of Rick and Morty and South Park. I dunno. South Park has been bother me lately. It's an awesome show and all, but sometimes it's more annoying than it is funny. I liked the first ten seasons best. They were more... subtle. Not by a ton but still.


Rick and Morty: cosmic horror, existentialism, nihilism.

South Park: criticism of social justice as a component of consumerism. Like, businesses are selling political correct-ness basically. Yeah.

All-in-all, I like Rick and Morty better. The philosophy and the delivery. It's tasteful. But it's still got dick jokes. Y'know? (Can I really say tasteful and dick jokes in reference to the same show......? wtvr).

Sorry. Thoughts are all soupy today. I'm tired and feeling especially dumb. I wish I was not here.

But, uh. Back to the whole philosophies thing.

I like the idea of reducing every aspect of human life to scientific explanations. Stripping away all the confusing feelings and ideas and attachments. They don't matter. We are meat bodies with the goal of reproducing. Some of us are defective.

Why am I not bothered by the idea of me, not mattering at all? I must not be able to grasp it. Maybe I still think I'm important. I am afraid of dying (mostly of what will remain actually but I've discussed that before so yeah). I know everyone dies.

Part of me is pretty sure I'll be back though. Not... "me" so much as some piece of matter that had once been in my body. Back as a human I mean. Duh, recycled Veronica parts will be plants and worms and Badgers and whatever else. I mean. My thought is that some of my matter (hah. "my") will cycle, cycle, cycle through lots of living things – and then, maybe one day, it'll end up in the brain.

This seems like something I don't really need to explain.

I'm wondering if some molecule that had been inside Hitler could now be inside my dad. I asked him. He goes, "Undoubtedly. Hopefully it doesn't influence me." (That last sentence of his was a joke. I feel like it's hard to tell since, y'know. Writing.)

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