always wth love

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2016-05-06 09:58:54 (UTC)

cant remember much ahhhh! :( part 6

i dont remember much what happened at all? just that i havent felt happy at all, i could be something is wrong? wth me, yesterday is so blurry. only bits in pieces that i can retrace. Fuck. i know that it was just me and mickey yesterday talked; i missed her so much the other day. this week had flew by so damn fasted!. id texted him again, i could tell hes happier then ever since we have hanging out, i just dnt know if am there wth again yet??? i feel like going backwards again :( i hate this feeling. Now im asking why? how?, i jusy who is this girl suppose to be?

oh yeah id spoke to marine girl, it felt so magical i couldnt tell how quick she made laugh so fasted but she did, so yesterday before id to leave i didnt say the word "bye" i just said see you next tuesday instead.she will leaving very soon by this notice wont know what ill feel first? i might have to confess my feeling first to her? shit, shit!