always wth love

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2016-05-05 10:03:00 (UTC)

Tore Up beneath a smile. part 5

No improvements.
okay... id ran late but i didnt know she had cancel class again it was unexpected, my prof explains but i still didnt kno? alright so i dont where i stand in the next class "nothing" has changed. So fingers crosed of this outcome.

i havent had time to say the real fears, that are showing so done wth the seroms, im over it each of my well being. Just stop it completely please i dont wanna force myself just say No. but that i can think of at the moment.

last night i think bout where i been? or is it just the possblity of it, i just have so much is crashing down on me. i just dont who ask? parts of wtf is this girl just in my head? I give myself no keep any longer.

dreams id fallen again now standing still, im in water crashing me down to drown me beneath there was someone to grab me out? see you later, everybody.