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2016-05-05 09:18:18 (UTC)

Did I Mean, No? part 4

okay... id rushed back to get help in to see her and help me out wth math. id got home around two pm but didnt do my homework straight way i was looking for something, ive losted and i couldnt find it. so id ate healthy then took a shower after that texted james. it was shorter this time, id ate some birthday cake (bad choice dont you why id ate it). i didnt say anything gone bed bout 3 mins but, it didnt matter.

I woke up early again, but this time id gt up slowly stumbling over my feet in the dark it takes me forever to get down the stairs. i dont talk until im bout go downstairs to leave the house. FUCK

everything and everybody is just blah blah!!!! i just give up! okay.