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2016-05-04 08:58:03 (UTC)

Marine girl. How can i remember is? part 3

backward time.
around 2:30 ish yesterday
i'm in the heat, i saw marine girl , we spoke how much i need help in math, so im gonna leave class bout ten mins before so i wont have to stress too damn much, i dont kno? what cause me to turnt on by her its might have her strength she has in her personality. i dont know what it is shes so sweet. i feel better when id spoke to her again. i didnt get home until four pm i was exhausted id slept on the bus. i barely got any work done then id ate unhealthy wthin healthy so yeah it was combo of it. then id took a shower, to calm myself oblivious i couldnt stay completely focus it just so much damn crap is happening in damn month. id texted james but id kept it damn short. he knows im been busy cant believe its three damn weeks left. Fuck.

i havent slept for several weeks im totally tired of this routine.

i dont why i remember this:
someone is moving in next week where i live, i wont say its name? the person is good, but i honestly dont feel comfortable bout it, i have been through this once in my own experience when i was younger. it didnt ended well id moved away to another state and moved all way on other side the world at eight within that id got raped. so see i dont get to close because of it. the guy who id done it to me , he was twenty-one. i honesty dont know if hes still in jail. BANG!!! KNOCKIN' MINE WALLS DOWN!

while waiting for my bus, id watched another episode of Faking it. I feel one character Amy.that spoke heavy bout the labels of any identities. wow felt so relaxed just a bit. i love when girls kiss another girl it something turns me on !fuck what i've hear or read. that just me. im still into guys just love girls too.

fuck im so screw i shouldnt be on but id post today. FUCK FUCK.
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