2016-05-03 22:19:30 (UTC)


So...I've had the worst day, that I've had in a long time. Nice opening huh? Haha

Well I do actually believe with my heart that it in fact, was one of the worst days I've ever experienced in a long time.

Keith cheated on me, again. Yay! (Not really.) He happened to cheat on me with some heart broken bitch that I told him not to hang out with in the first place. In fact, I told him to not even communicate with the bitch.

Anyways it turns out that, he picked her up, they hung out for an hour and some, they made out, and gave each other oral sex.

Apparently, Keith told her they we weren't together so he could get back at Scott. Dumbass...

It didn't work. It never will.

But to be honest, Diary, it hurts that he didn't think about me one time during the ordeal about me at all...Of course I never cheated on him but when I did in my dreams I at least thought about him. Then I chose whether to stop or continue based on the dream. I normally stop.

Would I in real life? Obviously, I would think not, but would I really? Would he even pass through my thoughts? I guess I'll have my answers when I'm put to the test someday. I wonder though, if I will cheat on him just to get back him for what he's done to me. Maybe if I did, would justify it that way. Even if I did forgive him now.

But I'm a loyal girlfriend and I plan on staying that way. Forever.

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