always wth love

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2016-05-03 13:43:26 (UTC)

Im just there? part 2

later is now. 1:33pm
i might sound a bit not who i am, i go back to music roots its gangastaish i wasnt like this always but its time confesss it you?

ive came a bit of obessed wth Kehiani music for a month or two. hahaha!!!!

questions appear to me where to start? mabye it isnt just how im falling back into a "dead lock" me and mickey talk bout our prof., is for math who's ready to fuckin fight us at anytime. we both laugh cause she isnt the best fit whos at this community college. so yeah it was chill day we gotta talk while doing our quiz for english. and yes. jarde was there too for a while, so yeah its good.

xx anxiousgul feels better for now.