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2016-05-03 11:45:56 (UTC)

Strom part 1

Bad news, interpputed again!

i just wont go into details bout it, to say the very least anymore am gonna take care of it! this time again..... :(

i couldnt sleep again last night, FUCK! then id got woken again i honestly dont what time it was? then id woke up early again then difted back to sleep to wake up late over and over.

took a shower last night get a text by james and nothing comes out of it just a bits of words. i just felt lost amomg of it all. i barely any conversation wth him so where does that fuckin' say bout me? i couldnt stop thinkin of Him who ive reconnect just the other day so what does this mean? i missing something am i?

what do i say now id spoke to my science prof., she said mostly an overall an C for her course arnt too bad. oh yeah channa gotten an iphone 6s im jealous a billion of just time. okay weve gone over the movie clip questions that occured on thursday morning.

got on repeat is Niggas by kehani it isnt offense of so just letting you know? also listened to first position kehlani (talks bout les and bi gurls luv)

xx :(