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2016-05-02 10:06:25 (UTC)

Where do i start this time around???? Now at 22

Where do i start this time around???? Now at 22
Friday afternoon it started off awkaward and shock! i guess okay? my friend aunty said something like "am boring" from that i just completely shut down and called my gurl Erkia on my house phone. am i boring person when am around? She: No! not for a longshot, you are respectful and very poilte when you talk people. ive told her that am not that social but am getting better at now, im still have hiccups im human cant you see that. and i went on and on until. she had cut the call short felt so weak and numb! so listened to music to help me ease this pain. then id lose it!and broken id cried a good 25 mins but it felt so much longer, i still felt shaky when he had texted me, about an hour later when id left the house felt uncomforable still when id got his car. i so didnt wanted to go home, at all. it was an 2 hrs sermon of whatve been doing several years am that put in dangerous road, i got so bad that id defeated myself each time and my heart. Shit,shit! i just wished let my past go cause am so exhausted from it. i didnt go bed until 11:57pm that friday night.

Saturday at 1:40pm was much better, we go to the movies to see "Keamu" and walk around the mall. We talked and had gone to a few stores bout it, it felt so good to be out wth him, somehow i felt like i was dreaming and high as fuck! hahaha!!!. so see hes perfect for me. Okay? am not gonna put details in this, sorry. Sunday early evening had finished up, celebrating my birthady that was wednesday, id ate healthy enough so i dint feel so guilty gone to "Chill's" oh yeah id carrot cake , yummy right!.

Alright now, this morning at 2:14am id go to bathroom to go pee and turnt on my ceiling fan on the gone back to bed. anway id woke up at 5 am i didnt care i was exhasted as fuck. id ate leftovers chinease food this morning strange i wasnt that hungry, lucky no nausea im happy bout that. oh yeah. me and Him we are back on talking again yes!!! im very humble, yes he asked one of our pervious questions? ive gave him an thb reply i didnt know now? he feels me up with simles too. that was bout 45 mins ago....
kisses to everybody!