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2016-05-01 00:18:48 (UTC)

Random Assortment - April 2016

Foreground - Grizzly Bear

Will Calls (Marfa Demo)

**Beyond This Moment - Patrick O' Hearn [I still love this song and it still reminds me, for some reason, of Lord of the Flies... after the end. After they've all been taken back. The nothingness that was left behind, I guess.]

Burning Pile - Mother Mother

*Ghosting - Mother Mother

*Body - Mother Mother [gruesome >:)]

Arms Tonite - Mother Mother

The Sticks - Mother Mother

**Little Pistol - Mother Mother [!!!]

Bit by Bit - Mother Mother

**Chelsea Hotel No. 2 - Leonard Cohen

Makeout Point - The Frights

Skin and Bones - Owen

*The Weary Kind - Ryan Bingham

Handcuffs - Brand New

Get A Life - Built To Spill