always wth love

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2016-04-29 09:01:53 (UTC)

just lotta crap. attract love

Fuck. Im a bit pissed cause just got some bad news! by abby, she sent me a message...i just wish she told me sooner, now ive to inform channa bout the quick change of plans. i hate being the girl wth bad news! i just dont like to cause conflict you know????

So last night i was texting james, he told bout his friend some more i havent thought less of our conversation, honestly i was exhausted, i wish i wasnt so tired. so much, im loosing energy everyday, i know i can tell now days.

a beautiful girl that id saw on my birthday her personality is cute dorky and on the roster for the marine but she was straight up straight girl. her beauty was something, i couldnt help but smile somehow. shit she turned me fuckin on' i didnt realize until yesterday when id saw her again. if i had got the guts ill pull her close and kiss her on the lips few times. thank you marine girl, her hair was long with highlights at edge of her hair.

okay thats it.

im gonna be hanging wth james some more tonight.
have a great weekend. xx