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2016-04-28 08:58:23 (UTC)

turnt 22 yesterday! :)

yesterday was my 22 birthday i woke up bout three hrs before id get up, however id woke once wth the 23 mins, then difted back to sleep to get more of rest that i really needed. it was quite in the house a lil bit yesterday morning until my friend aunty and lil sister woke up? then it went to a sudden stop!, i knew it was coming but how fasted, it happened but i didnt remember what happened over spring break until she said, something, my brain was rattle through what had happened, wtf! shit shit shit!!!! FUCK! id forgot bout that damn thing, again i shouldve been spoke to my birth mom told me something happened when i was 2 over text it was very sad, id felt hurt too im way older im a young adult. she said did want worry me but still i couldnt believe it either, she hide from me. other then that my birthday was chill not a bad day, it was amazing day to celebrate this time. id got blow up over texts, the moment favorites were james and my old friend naomi... it was more then the best of had came to james. he makes me smile even thou i dont want to, he can do that to me. he doesnt know bout im 22, i wanna take it to next level his only one i see in my future silly, right? still holding back one thing from still im not ready yet, i want him first before ill tell this, cause my friend and hopefully soon my bf. Yyyyyeeeessssss! oh yeah this sunday it will be 8 months. kisses. everybody!