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me and my life
2016-04-26 16:53:56 (UTC)

Random update

I had been improving in driving so far. V and p teach me n soon ill b confident driver.
Work is going well. I had a conference and our product launch of kiwi today at trident hotel. Very posh hotel. I was getting very wow feeling there. I mean there werw many people who inspired me. Their life is like so mast. I alao want to be AME one imp and senior position where my decision shouls matter, people ahould know me. I am sure one day ill. I want profile were attenting conferencea should be normal, travelling places should be part of my job. N osum salary. I n mom shuld be proud of me. I belive that time will aeeive soon.
Love life missing. Spending time with v is fun. I like him. We share many things. But I can't think anything serious ABT him coz he is not settled and not the apt. I mean mayb apt but I donno I just dnt want to hurry.
So strange life ia going on.
Mom is little bit upset these days. Dad is really BC he touchure he alot mentally. I diacissed wit Sis. Will take her to sis placw for sometime. Really sad. But instead of feeling sorry I would really want to make her happy with actions. Next month we are going to mahableshwar for mom. Lets see
Looking for new job so that i can earn mlrw m save more. Lets see.