always wth love

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2016-04-26 08:48:20 (UTC)

fear of depression again. college

i might be depressed again.

i might be unfix able to be his friend (or eventually be his gf).

i might be less then average

i might smile a bit to not to cause worry.

if i might to get a gf it might pull me way, it hasnt happened.


i realized this at 1:12a

then woke up then gone back to sleep then woke up late. i didnt really care cause i didnt get any trouble.

i am assuming you heard this before. i need help right now?
i will try my very best to laugh every day, but i know i tell now bout my disease of depression and anxiety too. i need meds to fix this, it will get worse when i wanna have my family eventually. i dont want that for me, ill be ashamed and want to died if i get into a blackout.

I cant turn it off it to damn strong this time.

gonna post link for my science homework