A lady in the crowd
2016-04-11 06:09:46 (UTC)

They Hate Us.

"What are ya'll girls doing here? I thought Donald Trump built a wall down there." the redneck chuckled and walked away. This man is an overweight American who appeared to be in his 60's or older. He had a full head of gray hair, and he wore a lose t-shirt and silver sunglasses. He went off with his friends and continued to talk about us. He pointed at my friend Amna Asaid and I, and his friends burst out laughing. Some would say it was just a joke but we could tell that he meant it.

This happened when we went to SDSU for a track invitational on a Saturday morning. This man obviously didn't welcome us to the San Diego area. I've never felt so publicly humiliated before. A mixture of sadness and anger consumed me. Not only did he insult my Muslim friend but he also made fun of Mexicans. Donald Trump is against both minorities and apparently so is this Redneck.

"I should tell him something like thank you for being racist," Amna said.
"No the least thing you should say is thank you when someone's being rude."

What could we do? Confront him only to be mocked even more. His opinion might not matter but it did hurt me. I never understand why being a different race is a problem in our society. Just because someone wears a hijab or if someone is brown doesn't mean any of us are different. We share the same organs, the same bones, and racist people are too blind to see that no race is superior to one another.

~Yours Truly,