always wth love

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2016-04-21 08:39:30 (UTC)

confession. spooking. blurry times....

It feel like an adrenaline rush and bit blurry as well.

I can only reminder what we had talk over by texting yesterday it begin at noonish that he had texted me i didnt reply right way, i felt very on edge thou. i didnt reply until i was on the bus, i dont really know what else took place? i felt very anxious all the way home. I saw Mickey but she left earlier to go study for our math exam or something else.
Oh yeah i got something healthy as fuck! i did good until id ate bad again shit! shit! id a smoothie it was so good, yes! it had no gmo's yay!! the brand is called "Naked"

I do remember telling him bout my birthday is next wednesday that all i can remember. Everything btw from noon up to the evening its just blurry to me,I do know that i didnt go bed until ten o'clock, i knew id another panic attack wth all this stress, is so much to take in!

I woke up around 3(ish) in the morning again; i dont wants causing me to do so anymore. im so damn tired of this pattern once more. i wake up bout a few mintues before five so i wont get any trouble. this whole darn week, so what that really say?

am a good lair too many people, i'm good at hiding my emotions until someone can tell that i haven't said anything at all. he saw my skills of a liar this passed spring break he was kinda surprised how can do it without overthink it. im not proud of it, after that he had asked questions, i felt so ashamed after that.

My type Girl:
I thought i should tell you somebody so ill start here, on my dairy.
I like them tall, slim and healthy also curve too.
girls' eyes are important, lips yes pure and natural of course, other features can changed by their personalities. So that's all.