always wth love

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2016-04-20 09:55:37 (UTC)

cofession. spooking. healthy change?

hello there?
Last night he had texted me we talk almost all way until 8pm it was great escape from what is happenin around me. he knows very lil i get depressed i dont let him see that.(ive told bout it, i dont think ever seen my in this stage of mood, so its totally damn different) if id done that. he wouldnt be my friend, i just know that.

i wont know if i should stop texting him, im not ready to more for him. yesterday around 2:45pmm, i saw hes parents, what do you see in me to be possibility his gf? i dont see it anymore. I smile as in respect of their son.Even though id dreamt dirty bout him, doesnt mean nothing to me.

this morning made it damn clear i just needed a reminder. My show id drv id watch a bit of it Faking it!, ive also talked to him bout that too, Shit i cant keep my damn mouth shut when am so anxious. This isnt good for any relationship wth a guy FUCKKKK!So im totally fallin apart.

He's perfect for me, so why am idiot when i talk him. i wont talk anymore ill let talk him first.
So is harder to hid behind my doubts of confessing my love to just not him but girls too. Fuck!

im messing every ounce of my process of graduating from this community college. So next Wednesday ill be turning 22. Wow? I cant its less an week left Fuck! Im not happy at all.

im crashing today, i gotta go i need damn food in my stomach no more meat for me cant do it, i just see these beautiful animals what ive done to these innocent creatures.

becoming an vegetation... (am gonna ask for more help wth Mickey)

Well thats all it.

Now i really need to go i need healthy food in me.