always wth love

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2016-04-19 13:27:58 (UTC)

Déjà vu!

Why this occur again to me!
So yeah, it feels like damn Déjà vu this damn same old shit!
Im falling deeper then before, isnt my fault anymore its my damn professor that doesnt get me at ALL. I put all my effort into my work I get low grades like 40 or 67% its WTF!!!!

ive informed her where i need to be i still get nothing at all, ive talk her several ways i always get the same result. So there, im regetting taking her my english prof. Im fuckin failing....Thanks so much, prof.

ive been talking to M bout what has been happening wth"karama college" Shes so sweeet to me, i feel like am back on track wth my friends are? She was bit suprised but shes good who i am.

Mickey was shown up today shes so gets paid tmw, im happy for her shes so sexy like kitty wth her body. i found out shes going to Coachella this weekend wth her friend... ticket price isnt bad either discount of course so $180. Damn goo ass price to have damn good time. And Jared got glasses i know he's pleased!

Now 2:01pm
So right now! wanna be drink, and get a gf to kiss. I'm a bit horny so want take this edge off to get some damn sleep tonight. So if am drunk often I wont have to deal this damn crap. Ive prayed to him but lately nothing has helped at all. Im over it. So yes i give up!
What i really want do is cry, scream & just be invisble is it too damn hard to have now days, in my life. If i get gf before it becomes summer i will thankful. Kisses passionate and shit!