always wth love

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2016-04-19 09:10:15 (UTC)

Not now why?

Late night to damn earlier FUCK
I got woke up twice, this time wasnt my choosing, i'm really exhausted physical just dont want do anything more. by 2-3 ish the morning i see a damn bright light on so damn bright my body fuckin time get up i just stay in bed. I didnt feel like moving.

Last night i was thinking of James oblivious in the dirty ways again i couldnt help it. I might as well tell him? He knows bout my dairy on here I let him read some of it but not all of it. So yeah, I got so horny that my heart was beating so fast like with him for real to fix my needs of him.

So have questions to talk him again, I hope i dont forget. Now really want to have to go? Where did I go?
I really want a gf to kiss and drink just enough to feel sober.