Lost Soul

~This Crazy Life Of Mine~
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2016-04-18 23:44:38 (UTC)

A new beginning!

It has been a pretty long time since I posted anything here. So here's a pretty huge update....

As of July 21, 2015 I became a Mrs. again! My "ex" (now husband) and I worked things out. Only took us almost 7years to figure out that we were meant to be! It was such a long, hurtful, painful road. So many tears, so much hate yet so much love at the same time... It has been a little over a year now that we got back together and will be a year in July since we said "I do" again for the second and LAST TIME!!! Lol So, with this said, never give up on someone you can't or won't live without. Because what is meant to be will most certainly find a way! On top of all that excitement!!!!..... WE'RE HAVING ANOTHER BABY!!!!! Yes! A second child is due to make HIS appearance in June! So just 2 months away! Over the moon about all of this excitement. And so in love with my life right now. It has definitely been a long time coming and I for one, I'm glad for how things worked out... Stay tuned for more excitement!!!