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2016-04-18 09:41:31 (UTC)

6 days ago off mute.

Hi again?
So much has unfold over this weekend, I took it at ease I just really did that. So id binge watch Young Justice on Netflix season 2 for two days (am almost done wth).

Id studied harder then ever for my exam for tomorrow I hope can breathe a bit better.

Me and James have texted bit yesterday and Saturday, it was oblivious I have been having very much so vivid dreams without realizing it. I cant stop it. Its within both girls and guys its been a lotta that earlier these past days in the morning.

Anyway Friday was mixed with so damn doubt! I told M bout something havent told James yet? However this result felt better then other times, I knew that if hadnt it would hurt me, so much.
Later that Friday night Id called Erika we talk for a few hours, it felt good am gonna miss her terrible she's going be moving 5 hrs way after she graduates on May 27.

I also texted my cousin D she's at the finishing line of school.
Ended our conversation at 10:05am
I'm talking Him again he had a bday yesterday and was sick again. We have been both extremely busy....I felt timing has pulled us both away again. I hope it doesnt become habit two us, cause I really did missed Him (sad face).
My birthday is next week, I honestly dont think of much of it. Im just glad remembered it this time. Am not excited bout it, its always something comes and breaks it on a cake it should say "Happy Birthday Karma" whether my name. So yeah Im still a bit numb bout everything. I honestly am.

Oh yeah flashes of my past is reappearing again that isnt good for this Shit!
~ Where did you go?
See you.