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me and my life
2016-04-14 16:29:57 (UTC)

Miss u blush

Very first thihg is that I am sad for not getting to drive enough. I had been to sis place for two days n just dint got to drive as it was with Priyesh😦
Tomorrow I am going and will be driving after long time. I want my car to be just mine n getting possesive ABT it. Let's see how thgs work out pheww there is so much of struggle in every thing in my life. So sad.
I miss u blush n ill b der tomorrow dnt wry.
Other thing is that have been taking homeopathy now for 4 months n still no periods so upset on this god pls help.
My job is good but want new one very soon. I hope ill get in 3 months. Getting same kinda profile what I am working now is kinda difficult byt still its always better to hope.
And today I feel like I just dnt knw how to enjoy life. I am 26 n wat hav I done Temme?? Fucking noting absolutely nothing. I want to go on trip alone. Want to have love. Want to enjoy but how as in what I donno wat I am crazy ABT coz m not ABT any damn thing. Gosh m so boring all I am is messed up with life n just sorting out things.
Soon have to get job near by n I can drive to ofc WIC is my dream.
M really bored😩😩