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2016-04-12 08:52:49 (UTC)

Changed my Mind

Changed my mind. I wont be taking summer classes, I'll eventually soon but not now. I fucked up so much already so I wont wanna make it worse. Im questions myself every ounce of me. Shit. I just want get something to full me up pleaseeee! I just want all my doubts to leave my thoughts but how so I can I do that. No one has faith in me. So Im going try put my ambition on track I'm distancing with J and everyone that I knew that had drifted away from. Same old damn thang are repeating over once more it like every time. i fix one thing another breaks apart once again. If he text me once today I'll ignored it once more. Just cant talk anymore I vow to that now. Im gonna work extremely harder. i just got too....i dont have a choice anymore! My time is ticking it almost up for real this damn time. I wont post anymore. I cant stay on here anymore. All my flaws are showing again. I found an iphone5c green 32GB its unlocked but the price $ is huge gonna figure out a damn way to get. So got find away to get it wit out knowing who's phone is this??? I feeling like I dont belong anywhere. I gotta go Shit!