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2016-02-22 17:18:05 (UTC)

Lots happened

I have not been to my diary for a long time.

Lots have happen.

The court case is now over.

She gets to keep the house and the kids stay with her and I have moved out and stay in a flat where the kids can come and visit me every other weekend.

We may end up going back to court as she expects me to pay her for the kids school fees and maintenance (I just pay for the fees) – that will mean 80% of my salary.

I moved to a shared accommodation for 3 weeks and yesterday I move into a flat.

It is quite lonely sometimes – as I have never lived on my own (ever before). I miss the children and it is very sad that after all these years I have ended up in a studio flat by myself. It is quite humbling and can be very difficult to take and accept but I want to believe I am bigger and stronger than that mentally.
From this small abode I plan to do big things.

I can’t fuck it up again. I have to be disciplined and make all my targets. I will found out a lot about myself now. Am I a disciplined and dedicated person or just a procrastinator?

We shall find out….