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2016-04-11 08:58:10 (UTC)

An A Damn Rush!

So busy weekend I felt like I was running everywhere and no time say STOP! cause every time Id grabbed my phone. Id go somewhere that wasnt home and try catch up on studying time. Throughout this weekend J texted me every time that I was taken away from him, I felt bad cause we are getting close every ounce is pulled away underneath me. So see am not so sure where do I go from here? Shit! I didnt go bed until 12:09am that sunday morning I was studying heavy for my mid-term for this thursday. So see am falling in love for him. Shit! A promise too many damn times over this, I cant go there yet. I feel completely horny by night fall hits my pillow and dreamt very dirty to the part. I wanna tell him so but am so damn weak. Ugh!!!! I hate that parts of me I so do.(Oh yeah, he said to me on friday around 7pm, he would like to hang out when summertime. Oh shit! That caught me off guard got me by surprised) Am assuming,I never heard from any guy before. It was nice to hear from him,Im very thankful!
Early this morning i heard someone leave darely not opened my eyes cause I didnt wanted wake up just quite yet. So instead id dreamt bout girl kissing and secret places gosh theyre the best feeling every damn weren't real at all (sad face)it felt great. I was happy for few hours then slowly crashed so suddenly because shes pissed at why I haven't picked by summer classes yet? She puts on pressure on me damn YOU! So now, I gotta work harder then ever and make sure I fuckin' pass this semester.Thanks so damn much, I dont register until next monday at 3pm so see am completely have damn time. I didnt screw up like you think Ive done several times. Where did you go? Is that whats comes to mind now days. It would be so damn perfect to be high as FUCK! right now. So see am done with it all, I'm so ready break. Kisses.