A lady in the crowd
2016-04-09 20:14:02 (UTC)

Life as We Know It.

I’ve been going out more than usual- dining at restaurants like Katori’s (a sushi place), Panda Express, and a local Coffee Shop. I’m finding myself in places that I usually wouldn’t visit; even spots like the Imperial Valley Mall. I don’t usually go shopping often, so being there with friends is quite rare for someone like me. I’m not so sure if growing into a social butterfly is a good or bad thing. For one thing, my opinions are more out there than before and I speak up when I have something to say. Change comes in many ways and I feel like it will continue to come in my direction.

Speaking about change, I have good news! I am now the captain for the distance girls in Track and Field. Never in a million years would I have thought this would happen before senior year. I'm only a junior but I trust coach Cynthia's judgement; she choose me for a reason. I've been awarded athlete of the week and this made me feel like the happiest girl on Earth. Holtvile's race was rainy but I still had fun. Now more than ever, I need to focus on the 800 meter race because right now I'm number one in the Valley. Our girls have been running twice a day and we must continue to be dedicated and devoted.

Life isn't as perfect as it seems and come to think of it, I've lost some friends in the past 3 months. Many names pop up on the top of my head. Those who were once special but they're now strangers. On the bright side, the ones who really matter have stayed and I've also met many new people too. New people with new adventures that await!

~Yours Truly,