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2016-04-08 10:14:19 (UTC)

Lago Azul (Blue Lake)

Yesterday around 2:04pm, I never ever mention my friend Erika, she so cool to hang with and chat with her whenever crossover paths. Shes knows more who am I, in just a year. Just surprised as you would be too. I told her bout the iphone 5c that hopefully to get. She accepts that is bisexual. Its funny how she brought it up damn soo freely. Haha, Wow you know to damn heard and aint a afraid of it either. She also graduating too next month am so gonna miss her terribly. But if I work extremely hard even to be up there with her. I so should be fine right?? I was running late bout 5 or wasnt a bit more I just cant remember opps sorry. I saw her yesterday but I completely shut down and was a bit distracted so I'll try again next week. I found more bout her shes a Christian too. So where do I stand take two? Should I go ahead and asked this time. Or no damn not to say anything at all. Here I am stuck..... I was stuck on the bus for 2hrs straight (Id texted J and the mist throughout the bus ride home it felt great to have him )I was totally exhausted, I could barely focus while was doing my hw and studying hard for the upcoming weeks to come. Then three hours passed get yelled at by something I dont have any control over. I'm also damn passenger too, then threats or rage that strikes back at me once more. So damn see am a mess too. hours in this vary morning it repeats again within same situation last night collides with something outrages with my sister who's only thirteen. So truthfully, I'm only one to blame on anything that occurs at home. Its so not far to me but fuckin cares to mine feels anyway.
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Lago Azul- Jamila Velazquez (my one favorite song)

*Describe your last job interview. If you have never interviewed for a job, please describe the last time you took part in any type of interview.

*What is your favorite color? Why?

Tonite is totally mine, wish me luck. Kisses