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2016-04-07 19:14:46 (UTC)

Women can be confusing sometimes.

I have two strange things happen to me lately. Two different women. Last week, I told my woman friend #1 that I was starting to like her and it's hard for me to just be friends. Her answer? " I'm sorry I don't know what to do but this is your problem". I'm thinking, "ok, fine". So what do I do? I work on my problem. She don't want me? That's fair. What did I specifically do? I cut off hanging out with her so much. I drastically cut down our Facebook chats to a minimum. I wasn't mad or being mean. I was just taking care of my problem just like she said it was.

So, what does woman #1 do? She starts chatting with me on FB. Then later, she invites me to her place for a little get-together. Well!!!??? WTF? I thought she didn't want me? So stop chatting and don't invite me to stuff!!!

Woman #2. She supposed to be my wing-woman. Close but no sex. Like a brother-sister deal. Fine. I can work on that too. So I do all kinds of favors for her. One night, I was dog sick. Couldn't even get out of the house and bedridden. I never ask for help. This one time, I asked her if she could bring me some soup. This is just two days after I made a smoked ham for her. It took 4 hrs to make and this after I just got off of work.

What was her answer? She can't because she's at a party!!!! Mother offing [email protected]#k!!!! So, I see what we were then. She is my wingman only when it benefits her. So I got a tad bit upset.

Now the past couple of days, she asked if I wanted to go with the group for a tour bussed wine tasting even. Really? You think I want to hang around with her right now? Hell no!!! No she is constantly texting asking me to go. I said something like I was low on funds. She now says she will pay. Fuck that!! Where were you when I really needed you? I'm so sick of some of my friends sometimes.

Now just yesterday, someone asked me to take her to the doctor so she can get an injection on her spine for some back pain. The nerve!!!! This is the same person that I once asked for a ride to the sportswear that both of us were going to. What did she say when I asked for a ride? She told me she would if I would buy her and her friend some drinks and that I use my car!!!! Really!?

This again is the same person that I lent out my suv for over a week when her car was being repaired. She couldn't afford the rental car so I helped. I got back my suv and she didn't even wash it nor put any gas in it. I gave it to her with a full tank. The least she could do was to fill it back up. As far as washing the car? I have a carwash unlimited pass that I paid for the entire year. All she had to do was go through the automated car wash for free!!! But did she? Not even.

So this is my Single parents group that I hang with. Sorry, I said two women but these are three I'm talking about. I'm just on a roll.

OH yeah, number 4. For some reason, when it rains, it pours. My ex sends me a text. You can guess it's nothing good. More crazy games that she plays. I laugh because it's like these women are coordinating this crazy shit on me.

I can't wait for the weekend. I just want to get my kayak, go fishing, and go somewhere quiet and beautiful so I can find my zen state :) Just nature, hearing the birds, watching the deer, and hopefully catching a fish or two. That is my peace.

That's all I got for now diary. This will get me through till the weekend.

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