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2016-04-07 10:52:51 (UTC)

Jagged Little Heart part two

Hi. It was way damn too early to up at 1:25am, it felt so normal again oblivious it was so stuffy in my room so id put on my ceiling fan "on". Then drifted back to wake up at 4:30am, however last night it felt like karma took of a hold of me again :( I so needed alcohol in me so much to numb my problems. I didnt have courage to do so. I was wandering in my thoughts once more. However texting J was a great escape but I need a bit stronger. He was in and out of our conversation, I couldn't even blame so I felt worse until Id gone to bed. While thinking of ways to somehow to get an iPhone 5c before my birthday present to fuckin' self. I realized why I woke up so damn early took a nap around 3 (ish) in the afternoon.
Oh yeah some Good News, my favorite professor moved our exam I'm so thankful and excited!!!!!! So I can ease up my anxiety I've everyday... So yeah I felt sexy and very humble. Right now! See I'm not a that gurl how be kept quiet too damn long. I did feel a bit suicidal last night but I know wasn't so normal and depressed so WHF now! I see her today hopefully I can chop off the damn nerves and tell her damn truth once again. I wanna be drunk now loose me up just a bit more to. I feel bit horny again so dont break the chain of my good mood, pleaseeeeeee! Too much bad and good news came to my attention so dont fuck over by things arent my fuckin' fault please!