Whatever YOU Say
2016-04-06 23:19:27 (UTC)


Alright TWO in one night. I'm really inspired this time.
I'm wondering on either I should burn up my old notebooks filled with personal and emotional feelings and observations of the beautiful and fruitiful world around me. I did that once to a paper that I wrote about love and life. I had slipped it into a boy that I liked folder after school. Once I got home that day I then realized how weird and scary that must seem for the boy to find a weird piece of paper that had girly writing all over it. So the very next day after the class had ended I took the paper out of his folder and went home and proceeded to light it on fire and watch it burn. It was mentally liberating for a while. I think that when I watched that paper burn, my feelings for that person also burned along with it. Which is good, GOOD for me. Anyways I know that i have 4 papers to finish before 2am and its already 11:30ish so I have to stop procrastinating. I really have to! I've noticed that I do that a lot. Especially around this time of the school year. Well last year i didn't really procrastinate much. But this year...I'm doing it everyday it seems. I just don't wanna do work. I don't wanna do anything really. All I wanna do is sleep and dream. Dream of better days that have yet to come. Well it's time to go...Maybe tomorrow I might be busy procrastinating and tell you about my latest period....NO I'm not that is just too retarded for me

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