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2016-04-06 22:59:15 (UTC)


So today I've been on Google Plus, surfing through stuff. And I somehow made my way into Google Plus Bangladesh. It was very interesting. Looking at those weird lines and curves and dots...It's very interesting that we humans share a planet but we can't even share a language. We have to have translators just so that we could understand one another. To me it's all silly. I wonder why we all can't just share the same language. I think that sharing the same language is a start to sharing the same culture, then sharing the same ideals and values and etc etc. If we all spoke the same language then we all can actually make things better because we could understand...I mean with all of the many languages out there why can't we all just settle on one? One universal-planetal language? Instead of having us learn other languages why can't we just agree to learn one language and keep it that way. Because I'm getting pretty fed up in Spanish class! I hate the teacher and the classmates are terrible. It makes things worse knowing that I have to pass the class in order for me to graduate from High School. The teacher is all talking fast and stuff like we actually know it...We don't. I hate it when I have male teachers. I just do. I'd rather prefer a female Spanish teacher instead of the one that I have now...Anyways the whole Spanish thing. If we're going to be learning a second language, then we should start learning it when we're young. Because right now I could care less about learning how to tell time in Spanish. I really think that it'll be better if kids learned that language when they''re young and soaking up stuff like a sponge. Cause then they'll actually remember it. If its really important. Honestly though, they should just have learning a new language as an option because I'm failing and its hurting my grades. And I hurt when my grades hurt.

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