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2016-04-06 11:30:30 (UTC)


30 minutes ago, my math professor cancel class about six or sevem of us were just pissed bout it!Cause we oblivious dont know how its almost the semester is over soon. It was extremely hot! outside where I live, any who we dont see how we are going make it. So see these questions came up in my head. You've emailed us that class canceled but No.So see how fuckin' pissed I am.

I didnt see Mickey it was extremely hot, I really wanted to hurry inside the cool air. I hope to see her tomorrow cause it kills me so much :( I dont see how, I feel right now its so confusing to Tbh! Just a thousands I want to no longer stuck in one direction as in a circle, thats really Who???

You might feel extremely lucky, right now? Dont you whoever reads this! I blame this world half the time. See am that darn gurl.

Just two weeks ago or fuckin more:
*Highlight of your day today
*Superheroes: Are you a fan of them?
*Describe the relationship with your family.
*What was the worst argument you have ever gotten into?
*What was one character from a movie, cartoon, etc. that scared you as a child?
See you later Kisses.