always wth love

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2016-04-06 09:26:55 (UTC)

Jagged Little Heart

Making time, its very hard say out loud! :( yesterday it was so much things all at once. Good and Bad, so much before my birthday comes.... So over some days havent heard from Him. Anyhow Ive been waking up again bout 2 or 3 hrs again. I just dont know what to do bout that. So theres thoughts and feels towards Her again. I hate this isnt the damn time for this loop of love that goes in my heart. And NO! isnt churchgurl. Its Mickey, yeah Ive realized that, it true. Its something I cant figure out why Im so hooked up on her like I am but I am. Shit! I'm fucking am I. So much more to say Right Now but i dont have damn time. All i know I cant be fuckin up as much anymore! If a girl kiss me, it will make me feel so damn better hehe!!! Oh yeah, Im still damn well turnt on by guys that hasnt damn changed but, its going slow right now I want some wild taste of crazy adventure. Im sorry. Whoever reads this might be offend Im just a bit horny right now. Sorry. I want drink damn bad, I really want fix pleaseeeeee! If I was drunk right now you wouldve not known at all. I couldve told you later as always so somehow, crazy right!
Shit am so fuckin late! Now really need to get going, opps! Bye, haha!