always wth love

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2016-04-04 10:40:31 (UTC)


Wow????! How in the hell to explain this less than 45 mins... I just dont where to put this on here. So last Thursday, id got class early like an whole hr; id saw my old crush from two years ago, hes still smokin' sexy!He came to vist again...I felt like fuckin miserable, i wish wasn't so sick inside. however now I'm a bit better. Id saw my her again last Friday didn't stay long but we chatted a bit more, I miss her terrible I truly do.

Someone to explain to me why did I wake up at 3:13am this morning, then id got yelled all morning because i woke up 5:21am, Im sorry i woke up late. I was extremely exhausted!,so much needs to disolved and never ever resurface either directions.
I gotta run!