A lady in the crowd
2016-04-04 05:47:56 (UTC)

The Meaning of Life.

Sometimes looking for an answer is like trying to solve a rubik's cube that can be solved in many ways. For an extrovert the meaning of life could be adventure, an introvert might say it's enjoying solitude, and a poet could say the meaning of life is love.

If you ask me, I'll say that it's to have a purpose. Whether it's the good guy or the main villain from a movie they all have a purpose. Batman's main purpose is to save Gotham city, while the Joker wants to prove that deep inside everyone is as cynical as him. Without a meaningful purpose I doubt any DC character could exist.

Even though life isn't like a movie, having a reason or a purpose, to wake up every morning really does matter.

~Yours Truly,