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2016-04-01 01:12:06 (UTC)

Date Cancelled on Me... Figures

So I had a dinner date last night. She cancelled on me. Said she wanted to lose weight so she didn't want to go. Well, I did ask her to dinner and it was to an Italian restaurant. Geez, the crap that some women say these days. They can't even lie good.

If you don't want to go, it's pretty easy enough to just say so. Some lame excuse of not wanting to gain weight is so silly in my book. You did say yes to dinner. What do you usually do on dinner dates? Let me give you a hint. You eat!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah. I finally am trying an online dating site. I had a hit. She wanted to get to know me. Of course she is in the farthest state from where I am. She didn't know and said oops. I'm having the best of luck lately. Sigh...

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