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2016-03-29 11:27:37 (UTC)

Your Side of the Street

Hey Everybody! id decidded to post today only cause I'm very grateful, i know, i know! That sound so bad, oops! Sorry. For the next weeks ahead Im gonna be busy. I wont being posting each day. Ive a life now. Im not saying I didnt have a life, im just saying im realizing it so differently.
Last friday on Spring Break Id shown him where I go to everyday. When am so weak and restless and unsure how to make it on this Earth. In the spring break we hanged out three times and gone to bombfire! :) It was so beautiful and very great start to spring break! So he was suprised by how much it is.
Oh yeah, Id saw my friend Sarah there on youth group it was so nice to see her again.
At 9am
I message Him it felt good to chat a bit, it felt so great. We talk like did once before. He knows, everything and accepts my flaws. I wont tell anybody his name. Ill eventually tell J. About him but not now we are still knowing each other. Still have deep questions to ask him??? What do I do now. Now I need youre help.

I ate healthy last night at 7pm, Im keep quit on my health changed for so many reasons. Two days ago, I saw my friend sis cousins Im really close to her family its still strange to accepted in that family it still feel small among them.

Looking for another phone, its an iphone 5c.
By Friday its gonna be 7 months being friends with J.