2016-03-27 17:18:06 (UTC)


March 27, 2016 Sunday 5:18 PM

So I've felt ridiculously depressed all day, it's so weird. Well, wait, I felt okay during this treasure hunt thing we did earlier but after that...

I don't!!! Understand!!! Maybe it has something to do with the sun... Maybe it's just because March is always one of the hardest months for me to get through.

Everything about this day is just so... dull! Everything people say is depressing and just... ugh. The human race. Why.

I was looking out the window at the sun hitting the grass – it was so pretty, everything warm and smelling new... But ugh it just reminds me of lonely Middle School summers, makes me feel so fucking alone. Elementary school, too: such a beautiful time with the neon shirts and the long shadows and the late night games of manhunt. So, so, so, so, sad.

Because I still have that persistent feeling – like I'm wasting my time! And I'm content for the most part, I enjoy learning and I don't think about how quickly the days pass. Other times, I'm just so frickin' exhausted and confused. Why am I doing all this?

Ah, shit, I'm cold as fuck.


Around 6 PM

I went for a walk to try and get rid of it but I feel just as sick as I did earlier. It's all fake and stuff.

I can't focus on my essay!!! This is so bad... I'm going to do some math. Maybe that'll be better... Oh I wanna cry...


8:29 PM

A little better. Very tired. Want to sleep. Can't. Have essay. And a shitload of reading. Really hating APUSH right now.