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- Saying things like 'I don't see colour' and acting like race doesn't exist I think erases behaviours of the past.

- I think it's problematic to wilfully ignore the fact that I am black and how it has shaped my consciousness

- Also, marginalized people fight so hard to define themselves for themselves & language & labels is one way people claim their power!

- The questions were very geared towards a typical english experience.

- Thanks to my colleague Dodai Stewart for mining old videos with me.

Some things I want to defunct.

- What does defunct mean? By Defunct, I actually meant 'clarify'.
- What is pan african? and how is it to be used?
- Ok i've just looked up defunct and it doesn't mean what I thought it did. It means to put out of use. Well, onwards.
- What does cis mean? I keep seeing it used in people's writings online, and though I remember looking it up on wikipedia one time, i since forgot and never bothered to re-look it, since it wasn't a term that frequently occurred in the types of conversations I was having. Now though. A girl I was spending time with on Friday/Saturday said it, and I made a mental note to look it up when I got home. so I did:
"Cisgender (often abbreviated to simply cis) is a descriptor for those whose experiences of their own gender agree with the sex they were assigned at birth."

I saw her when I walked in - she was one of the few there at the start. She was djing, so she was behind the decks. I looked and thought 'wow'. then i held my gaze for a little longer in a bid to catch her eyes. our eyes met and she smiled what at the time i thought (and kinda still do) was a tightlipped smile of sorts, leaning more on polite than on curiosity. My interest was not reciprocated. I didn't sweat it for too many minutes. After all I was pretty sure she (he?) was the partner of that "irish-nigerian" woman. So i begged it no further. but sure, that didn't stop me from glancing over at her numerous times during her set and during other people's performances. I let it go, besides I came here for a more important reason. Up I went and into a room that taylan had found for us to record in. fast forward 1.5 hours later, I come back down to the basement to retrieve my camel jacket which I'd forgotten. And who's also on her way down to collect something? She is. We

- compulsory heterosexuality in nigeria
- this is human nature, its how people are
- research into sexual history in nigeria
- queer women in nigeria
- you can live a fulfilling life
- motherhood, community, african womanhood. Motherhood is crucial for african women. Motherhood is necessary for women in african society?
- people make culture, not the other way around. how do we get people to start
- efuru
- this is lagos
- the joys of motherhood (nigerian writer)
- women are different
- helene cixun