Blood and Chocolate
2001-10-10 20:29:33 (UTC)

Prozac and Markers? A good mix ?!

Hey everyone ~
sup ?! Not much here ! I am so bored !! Nothing really
happend today ! :(!! My life is so boring !!Haha ! OH wait
something did happen ! OK in 7th hour I have english and my
teacher takes prozac and anyways today she like sniffed the
marker for the board and then she was like " I think I took
too much prozac ! " it was so funny ! She is so
hysterical ! then we were diagraming sentences and the
sentence was "just because an animal is big doesn't mean
it has a big brain " and she asked " whats an animal that
this could refer to ?" and me thinking I was saying it in
my head said " I will take Mike G for 500 Mrs. D " but I
said it out load ! !Everyone heard and burst into laughter !
haha ! See mike is this popular kid who plays hockey and
is nice but he is how should I say it ? " Like a rock !
oooooo like a rock ! " haha ! And he was in the class at
the time ! He didn't care but I felt bad ! haha ! then
there is this girl named L. who has such a big head just
cause she got first in some swim thing ! And we were in 4th
hour and she comes in and goes " So does everyone in here
know I took first last night ! ? Well I did ! " and my
teacher thinks she is like so cool ! and so we spent the
first 20 mins of class talking about how she won first !
*gagging * L. is like the biggest bitch ! I don't like
her at all ! and so I picked up my book and started reading
and I wasn't paying attention to what was going on in the
class room and I said under my breath " like we give a fuck
about princess L. ! " only I said it really loud !! and
my teacher came over and was like " Ms. Nelson did you want
to say that any louder ?! " and I was like Oh shit ! and I
was like " no thanks mr.L " and he waslike " you are aware
ms.L. is in the room arn't you ?! " and I was like "
DUH ! who wouldn't we all have to bow at her feet when she
walks by ! If her head gets any bigger she will float off
to space cause all thats in there is air !" and L. was
like " I can't believe you Marissa ! How rude ! " and I was
like " Believe it sweetheart ! " and Mr. L bitched me out
infront of the class ! and I was thinking 'its not like I
am the only one who feels this way ! ' and then after class
everyone else in the class was like " thanks for speaking
for all of us Marissa ! You are right about L. ! NO one
likes her ! she is such a bitch ! " it was so seriously
funny shit ! I am usually not that mean but it pissed me
off how she was so full of herself ! Everyone on the swim
team hates her too ! haha ! She was so pissed at me ! She
like yelled at me in the hallway and I was like " yea go
shit a brick ! " haha ! I was on a mean streak today with
anyone who pissed me off!!!!! OK well I will give you the
quote now "There will ony be one of you for all time. . .
Fearlessly be yourself" ! Aight gotta bounce all!