Dream Scribe

2016-03-25 05:54:44 (UTC)

A Walk On The Light Side.

A flame of glory appears on the burnished horizon of a new day. The hand that loves and leads the way out of black tunnels will surely bear hope for a bright future.


Storms have their hour, their day, their season.

Between the dark billowing clouds and swollen rivers of fear and anxiety a blinding rainbow appears in unmistakable hues of hope.

Look forward to this day of triumph, for tribulation and trials are but for a short season.
Wash your hands in the tears of an understanding Host who stood with humanity but a shorter time than you have Amanda-Jane.

He opened His arms on the cross and died that you may have redemption in His Priceless Eternal Love for you.

He rose the third day and took up His Immortal Glorified Body of Flesh and Blood and ascended to His Father saying : "Come. Follow Me. I will give you rest."

I have walked on The Light Side with my imperfections intact for I am wholly accepted by Him as I am.
The whole have no need for a physician but the sick do.
I have touched "The Hem of His Garment" for it is all I need to heal.

"With His Stripes" my wounds will keep on healing...