Dream Scribe

2016-03-25 05:36:15 (UTC)

A Walk On The Dark Side.

Retracing this journey through the dark tunnels that have been a large part of my life through art. This is another facet of healing the past present and future, believe it or not. It's what works for me. I can't help but detach from it all except through keeping an open mind. One day the source will stop draining and dry up forever.

A walk on the dark side has left its mark on my life and the ensuing wound has caused chaos and repercussions lately, like I've never known before.

Darkness has its hour, day and season.

I've survived. I've tried living through the darkness as well and have been found wanting...

I have walked through my personal shadow of the valley of death and God has never forsaken me.
In the arms of an angel's voice I have been held afloat and aloft as the winds of misfortune and the tides of a raging unseen sea have roared night and day.

Darkness has its hour, day and season of doom and despair.
God has never forsaken me or left me to flail alone.

I have wandered into the darkness and a new day will follow.